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How To Live Well Past Fifty

Written by Amni Bahirah Binti Mohd Rodzi

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Accept Your Age

Love your age, and treat yourself with kindness and respect.  Look forward to each new day and take care of your body, mind and soul by staying active and fit.

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Stay Cheerful

Embrace the inner kid in you. Laugh and have fun as much as possible, especially with your loved ones. Continue networking with those who care about you especially your children, your friends and your family through shared hobbies and activities. This kind of social networking will help you to keep up with current news and events, as well as provide you with emotional support whenever you need it.

When You Quit Smoking
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Smokers, Quit Smoking!

Try your best to quit smoking, get help if you need it. Don’t fall for the old adage that it’s too late to quit as the damage is already done. As Thomas Glynn, Director of Cancer Science for the American Cancer Society said, “There’s no single thing you can do to your body on a regular basis that’s as negative as smoking, where it causes damage to nearly every organ in your body”

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Rely On A Plant Based Diet

Older Okinawans, from Okinawa island whose population is the greatest proportion of centenarians in the world, have eaten a plant-based diet most of their lives, eating their way as low down the food chain as possible. This has helped the Okinawans have a lower risk of arteriosclerosis and stomach cancer, and a very low risk of hormone-dependent cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer. Their meals of stir-fried vegetables, sweet potatoes, and tofu are high in nutrients, low in calories and rich in taurine- that could lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

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If your busy networking schedule does not allow you the luxury of home cooked meals or vegetable-rich diets, try LifeQode Kenta, exclusively available from QNET. Kenta is a delicious natural formula beverage, inspired by the Okinawa diet, from the Village of Long Life in Japan. Kenta contains extracts of some of the most nutritious ingredients from the Okinawa Diet- soybean, sweet potato, white potato, brown rice and potato root

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