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QNET Africa Share The Spirit Of Ramadan With The Underprivileged In Eight Countries

QNET Mali Ramadan CSR 2

In a bid to spread the spirit of Ramadan among the less fortunate, QNET Africa hosted several charity activities in eight different countries in the African continent. The activities contributed to the QNET Global Ramadan Charity campaign that saw activities in over 18 countries worldwide. The campaign was a way for QNET to channel its core philosophy of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, our clarion call to do what we can to make a positive difference in the world.

“We have come a very long way in our efforts to impact society and leave footprints in the communities we have touched. We know that we have already touched many lives through the people that have joined our business or bought our products. In addition, we are creating an everlasting impact by helping the less fortunate and letting them know that they are not alone. As we grow, we also realise that our battles cannot be fought alone. We can only succeed with each other. Therefore, we want to establish a concrete foundation where we touch more and more hearts, not just in network marketing but in everything we do” said QNET Chief Executive Office Trevor Kuna. 

Here are the highlights of the activities conducted by QNET in Africa. 


QNET Mali Ramadan CSR 1

This year QNET partnered again with S.O.S Villages D’Enfants who help support around 3,800 orphans and abandoned children and young people in Mali.  QNET presented many kilos of rice, sugar, milk bags and spaghetti to the leaders of the NGO who has been helping children all over Africa since 1949.


QNET Niger Ramadan CSR

QNET also reached out to the S.O.S village in Niamey, Niger. Over 200 children received an Absolute Living bag filled with rice, pasta, milk and sugar. The event was attended by QNET Agent Alhousennie and was covered by 2 local TV stations and 1 national newspaper.


QNET Guinea Ramadan CSR

The Ramadan Charity activity was conducted at the headquarters of retired police and was attended by Secretary General of Guinea and the Chief of Cabinet of Minister of Security of Guinea. Food bags with essential groceries were distributed to retired police and security.

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QNET Burkina Fasa Ramadan CSR

200 food bags filled with essential supplies were donated to the Association des élèves et étudiants Musulmans au Burkina (AEEMB), in Ouagadougou. The event took place at the AEEMB headquarters and was attended by students, teachers and staff of the school for Muslim students, as well as local media members who covered the event on TV and local radio.


QNET Ivory Coast Ramadan CSR QBUZZ

In Côte d’Ivoire, QNET staff and IRs visited the l’Institut National de Promotion des Aveugles de Yopougon, a school for visually impaired children in Yopougon, the only institute of its kind in the country. The event was attended Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral who was front and centre while the food distribution took place. The Director of the Institute Pokou Komenan made a point to personally thank QNET for our contribution.


QNET Cameroon Ramadan CSR QBUZZ

A delegation of staff and volunteers from QNET displayed solidarity with the poor of the Briqueterie neighbourhood in Yaoudé and orphan children in Douala, both in Cameroon.  In Douala, QNET staff and IRs gathered in the Chefferie de Makea area and distributed food bags to orphan children. In Yaoudé, food bags with rice, sugar and oil were distributed to the neighbourhood in the esplanade of the Central Mosque in the community.  For many in the community, this act of kindness meant that they could celebrate Eid in a worthy manner. Sarah, one of the beneficiaries of the activity, and a wheelchair-bound housewife said she could not miss this activity as she has to provide for her four children.


QNET Tanzania Ramadan CSR 1

In Uganda, the team worked with an Imam to distribute food bags to a village of 80 families who were struggling for food this Ramadan season. QNET Uganda IRs packed the groceries and transported it to a local mosque where they distributed the essentials after the afternoon prayers. Also in attendance were Associate V Partner Balajee Kumar and Associate V Partner Kalai Manikam.


QNET Tanzania Ramadan CSR

In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, QNET organised a charity Iftar at a local mosque for over 1, 500 people from underprivileged backgrounds. The Iftar was organised by QNET and local leaders who went out of their way to make this day memorable

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