The Enhanced QNET Compensation Plan is our labour of love and is going to be a great turning point in your personal and professional life with QNET. Here’s what our beloved and inspirational QNET Leaders have to say about it. 

We believe that the strategic and exciting changes that the enhancements in the compensation plan will bring will not only help you achieve greater dreams through increased earning potentials; it will also equip you with better sales and leadership skills that you will need as you advance in the business and in your lifestyle.”

V Partner David Sharma

If you are a leader who aspires to make people successful in the business with you, you would love to achieve sales targets together, with the same deadline to beat! With the enhancements in the QNET Compensation Plan, everyone will have the same commission periods so it will be easier to track and monitor performance and advance in ranks.”

V Partner Adly Hassan

The new rank advancement dashboard really impressed me! It has all the relevant information in the right places shown through dynamic links, tooltips, simplified data displays, overall progress bars to the next higher rank, and a sales month calendar counter that shows how much time is left for you to complete your target product sales!”

V Partner Arun George

Get rewarded for sharing your love for your favourite products.”

V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz

With the enhancements in the QNET Compensation Plan, greater compensation awaits Diamond and Blue Diamond Stars when they maintain their pay ranks for six (6) consecutive months. Another awesome way to excite, motivate, and reward our top performers in the Achievers’ Club!”

V Partner Dev Wadhwani

When I first heard about the Blue Diamond Star rank, I felt energised, excited, and motivated to achieve this new highest rank in the Achievers’ Club. I got excited more for my team than myself. I know that through this new rank, its product sales targets, and the amazing, exclusive QNET products, we will be able to change more lives for the better.”

Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta

The Sapphire Star rank is a new milestone that will not only enable our IRs to Live Absolutely through amazing products, new product sales targets, and higher earning potentials, it is also a new platform for them to hone their sales and leadership skills before reaching Platinum Star.”

Associate V Partner Kalaiarasi Manikam

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