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Common Ageing Signs That You’ve Been Neglecting

We know you’re young, but you age every day. The natural ageing process is slow and gradual so it’s easy to miss. Here are a few common ageing signs that you’ve been neglecting.

Thinning And Greying Hair

You experience hair loss with ageing as well as the slow rate of hair growth. Hair is made up of protein strands and as you age, hair strands become smaller and are less pigmented. Hair colour, on the other hand, is controlled by a pigment known as melanin that is produced by hair follicles. As we age, hair follicles make less melanin, hair colour becomes lighter, eventually turning grey and white.

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Dry And Dull Skin

Thanks to dead skin cells building up on your skin surface, your skin will, over time, look dull and dry. If you do not exfoliate regularly, this will happen sooner than you imagine. Most people only start to notice signs of ageing around the age of 40 but signs will start appearing as early as in your 30s. Fine lines and wrinkles become a part of you, especially with constant exposure to the sun and to pollution. Don’t get us started on dark circles — our skin gets thinner over time, and the area just beneath the eyes is thinner than the skin on other parts of your face. The thinning skin makes the blood vessels beneath more visible, resulting in a grey or purplish hue.



Now For The Good News

The good news is this: you can slow all of these signs down with LifeQode Kenta, the natural food formula inspired by Okinawa diet famed for bringing longevity and youth. Ageing is inevitable but you can slow it down by changing to a well-balanced lifestyle, taking nutritional supplements and taking care of your body.

Take one sachet of Kenta before breakfast and one sachet before dinner for best results.


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