Whether you use travel as an occasion to bond with your family or a way to tick things off from your bucket list, tripsavr 2.0 will provide access to exceptional holiday accommodation at unmatchable prices. But don’t take our word for it, hear what real people have to say about their experience using this holiday product.

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My family and I had a wonderful holiday experience in Hong Kong thanks to tripsavr. We enjoyed our stay at the Royal Park Hotel, which we chose because of the lovely pictures. When we arrived, I was happy to see that it looked exactly the same as the photos. I did not take a lot of pics of our stay because we were enjoying ourselves thoroughly at the Royal Park Hotel. The service of the staff and management was exceptional.  They were very friendly and accommodating beyond my expectations.”

— Angel Mijeris, the Philippines.

I think tripsavr is the best product ever launched by QNET, and it’s my favourite holiday product. I love travelling, and for people like me, this is a must-have product without thinking too much about it also being a business opportunity. I used it while travelling to Dubai, Istanbul and even for holidays in my own country I saved up to 80% compared to other similar websites, and even when compared to the rack rates in the hotels and resorts themselves. I have saved so much using tripsavr. It’s really worth it!”

– V Council Member Halima Khoudri, Morocco.

tripsavr 2.0 is a great way to save money and time, especially for the whole family. When we made our booking, it was instant. My family had a great experience, especially the customer service and response from the team. It has not only helped us have great vacations; our friends have also started using and enjoying tripsavr after we shared our experience with tripsavr 2.0. I went on a short vacation recently to Langkawi with my family. From the quality of the room to the immense value for money, it was an enriching experience. I no longer look at other hotel booking platforms. My tagline is Think vacation. Thank tripsavr.

– Associate V Partner Suresh Perumal, Malaysia.

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