This material is for the purpose of providing a brief overview of rank advancement and is not intended to replace the definition of these terminologies as ascribed in the Policies and Procedure which shall always prevail.   

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Here’s an easy-to-follow infographic on how you can achieve the QNET Silver Star rank in the QNET Achievers’ Club. This rank means you are raising the bar higher, it requires a new behaviour, this needs you to WANT to level up and start working on it.

In the QNET Compensation Plan, you cannot skip ranks. Everyone starts at Bronze Star, then goes to Silver Star. This is a fundamental rank because, in this rank, your step commission will go you by USD 25 per step. At Bronze Star rank, you earn USD 200 per step from product sales. At the Silver Star rank, you will earn USD 225 per step from product sales that you and your sales team will achieve!

Do more and earn more! Qualify for higher commission rates with rank advancement.

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