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3 Reasons To Add Bengaluru To Your Travel List Through tripsavr 2.0

Although my friend has family in Bangalore, she had not visited before. She had been put off by tales of ‘Delhi belly’, the traffic, and the pollution. So when I showed Ira the list things to do in Bengaluru through tripsavr 2.0, the short holiday became a must.



Here are three reasons to add Bangalore to travel list:

Vidhana Soudha Bangalore
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Formerly called Bangalore, Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city that is considered one of India’s most progressive and developed cities in India. It is a true melting pot of cultures that includes Victorian-era influences, as well as a mélange of traditions brought by the different communities that make Bengaluru their home. From IT hubs to boutique restaurants, from British Raj era coffee houses to summer palaces, from world-famous cricket stadiums to lush green parks, Bengaluru has it all.

Suggested tripsavr Activity: Ancient Walking Tour With Traditional Breakfast.

Commercial Street Bangalore
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While there are plenty of shopping malls and small streets dedicated to selling wares to satisfy any shopaholic, there is nothing quite like shopping in the local markets of Bengaluru. Ira enjoyed soaking up the local delights at markets, and not just the food. With beautiful handicrafts, and stunningly woven silk, with hand-crafted sandalwood souvenirs, and colourful cotton clothes, visiting the markets was a no-brainer.

Suggested tripsavr Activity:  Private Custom Tour Of Bangalore’s Markets

Nandi Hills
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The young Bengaluru crowd get their dose of adventure through laser tag, karting, paintball and the myriad of gaming cafes dotting the city, but if you’re looking to go out of the city, Nandi hill is it. The hills and surrounding countryside are luscious and green and make for a perfect day trip destination. If you’re the adventurous kind, you can also sign up for activities like Ziplining that’ll get your adrenaline pumping.

Suggested tripsavr Activity: Day Tour To Nandi Hills.

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By signing up for these suggested tripsavr 2.0 activities, Ira saved 34% on this trip alone! It was so easy! Now Ira and I both share information about tripsavr every time our friends are looking for suggestions for short holidays.

Ira’s tripsavr 2.0 Benefits

Day Tour to Nandi Hills: USD 49 (Normal price: USD 75)

Ancient Walking Tour: USD 56 (Normal price: USD 65)

Private Custom Markets Tour: USD21 (Normal price: USD 29)

Total Savings Ira enjoyed: USD 43!

To see a list of activities and tours available through tripsavr 2.0, visit TRIPSAVR 2.0 WEBSITE, sign in to the portal, click on the ‘Activities’ tab, and choose what you like. It’s that simple.


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