As we inch closer towards our second V-Con of the year, here are a few men’s hairstyle trends that you can mimic this #VUAE17, curated by DEFY — skin care for every guy on this planet, whether or not he knows how to clean up like a man.

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While 2016 was all about the top knots and the man buns, 2017 seems to be going in the direction of buzz cuts. This very short haircut is clipped very close to the scalp and leaves no room for styling, which is not only good to cultivate a clean look but also to save on hair products. The modern buzz cut incorporates fading, a technique meant to up your macho look.

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Old school is always on trend in the fashion world. This year, the old school men’s hairstyle is back! Basically, all you have to do is take your medium length hair and slick it back. Grow your hair to medium length (you still have 22 days!), maintain shorter lengths on the back and the sides, and then use some product to help your hair stay in place.

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Chances are that you’ve seen this hairstyle around quite a lot this year. A timeless look that is appropriate for both the work place and a more casual setting, and perfect with any style of clothes, this hairstyle is sure to make heads turn. To make it work for you, make sure your side parting is sleek by shaving a line off near the part.

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