What is your QNET Monthly Sales Calendar and how can it help you achieve your QNET goals? Read on!

It Will Help You Keep Track Of Your Rank Advancement And Maintenance Targets

A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

– Harvey MacKay, world-renowned businessman, author, and columnist.

Setting goals is not enough. You need to have a clear-cut strategy and of course, deadlines. Goals without deadlines remain as dreams and knowing your targets and deadlines is very important not only in the network marketing business but also in the corporate world and in almost all other businesses we have in the world today.

It Will Help You Assist Your Sales Team

Let’s take it from none other than V Partner Adly Hassan: “If you are a leader who aspires to make people successful in the business with you, you would love to achieve sales targets together, with the same deadline to beat! With the enhancements in the QNET Compensation Plan, everyone will have the same commission periods so it will be easier to track and monitor performance and advance in ranks. Need I say more?”

It Reminds You When Your Favourite QNET Products Are About To Run Out

  • Get your monthly dose of optimal nutrition with EDG3/Sun&Moon*
  • It’s time to replenish your favourite grooming necessities with DEFY, Biosilver and Prospark* 
  • Don’t miss out on videos by the best in the field and be a part of the online revolution by sharing your own videos and establishing your own dynamic presence in this industry with V-Tube+*!

*Note: Product suggestions are subject to availability in countries and are for reference only.

What’s more? You achieve Repeat Sales Points every time you use and/or share your love for these products! These points are converted into cash on a weekly basis and you need these to advance and maintain ranks.

QNET has a wide variety of exclusive, life-enhancing products that customers love to use, share, and repeat! What’s your QNET favourite?

Your Sales Month Calendar

Your sales month is a group of weeks formed by a 4-4-5-week pattern per quarter. If a year has 53 weeks, then the last quarter will have 4-4-5 instead. This year, we have a total of 53 weeks

*This Monthly Sales Calendar is for reference only and is not intended to replace what is written in the Policies and Procedures which shall always prevail.   

Make it handy! Print your sales month calendar or keep an image of it in your mobile as a reference whenever you or your sales team need a quick guide on your sales strategies with exact deadlines. Although you have a really useful monthly sales countdown timer in your Rank Dashboards, you’ll never know when you’ll need this information offline.

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