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Visiting Edinburgh? Here’s Three Places You HAVE To Explore!

When most people think of Scotland, we usually think of bagpipes, tartan, shortbread, and the Oscar nominated blockbuster Braveheart. But during my short visit to Edinburgh through tripsavr 2.0, my entire perception about this lovely place changed.  The fresh, crisp air, the stunning buildings full of history, and the extremely friendly locals made me fall deeply in love with the place.

I took the Megabus from London to Edinburgh and arrived in about 7 hours (a piece of advice if you’re visiting, just take the train). My friend and I didn’t have long in the city as we has planned to visit a tiny seaside town further west called Dunoon. Since we didn’t have much time on our hands, we picked the highlights and made the best of it. Here are the top three sights we visited. 

Edinburgh Castle
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Edinburgh Castle

A grand castle sitting happily on top of Castle Rock, and the number one attraction spot in Scotland – you simply can’t miss this place. 

Why you should go: Breathtaking views of the city from the top, and inside you can check out Scotland’s very own Crown Jewels — including the famous Stone of Destiny.  

Portobello Beach
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Portobello Beach

A lazy seaside town and beach just a short bus ride East of the city centre.

Why you should go: For the ice cream! The cute mini-funfair and some kite-flying, or really a relaxing stroll through the town to the local cafes and shops are delightful.

Royal Mile Edinburgh Scotland
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The Royal Mile

A culturally and historically important World Heritage site connecting two royal houses.  

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Why you should go: The majority of the city’s historical attractions are along this street; parliaments old and new, law courts, a cathedral and churches, and a vast range of visitor attractions, walking tours, shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs. I went crazy in the shops.  Particularly because it was the best place to find local crafted gifts and treats.

If you’ve got more time to spare in Edinburgh there’s so much you can see and do. Here are some recommended activities on tripsavr 2.0:

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