This material is for the purpose of providing a brief overview of rank advancement and is not intended to replace the definition of these terminologies as ascribed in the Policies and Procedure which shall always prevail.   

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Here’s an easy-to-follow infographic on how you can achieve the Gold Star rank in the QNET Achievers’ Club. The Gold Star rank reiterates two important things— monthly maintenance and Repeat Sales Points.

Monthly Maintenance

Gold Stars are consistent network marketing professionals. Achieving the Gold Star rank means that you have moved up, and when you move up, make sure that you will never go back down, again. With the Gold Star rank, your Step Commission increases from USD 225 to USD 250 per step and without achieving the monthly rank maintenance requirements, your step commissions will go back the Silver Star pay rank of USD 225 per step.

Repeat Sales

You achieve Repeat Sales Points every time you use and/or share your love for QNET products! These points are converted into cash on a weekly basis and you need these to advance and maintain ranks. QNET has a wide variety of exclusive, life-enhancing products that customers love to SELL, USE, REPEAT and EARN from! What’s your QNET favourite? Remember that you cannot create the culture of RSP in your organisation unless you practising yourself. Be a product of the products!

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