It’s that magical time of the year again. To ensure you don’t forget any of the basics while preparing for V-Con, here’s a list of packing essentials to enhance this experience of a lifetime.

The Essentials
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Check and double check that you have your passport, your visa, your flight tickets and proof of your accommodation with you. We don’t want you to get all the way to the airport and have forgotten the most important document. Don’t forget to carry a valid photo ID and your business cards. You’ll never know who you’ll meet.

Absolute Living Basics

  • Take care of yourself this VCON, and bring QNET’s Bio Silver 22 Gel as a hand sanitizer. With thousands of VCON attendees from all over the world, you can ward off colds and the fly by keeping your hands clean.
  • With all the excitement of V-Con, and the amount of energy you spend while rocking to Chief’s sessions, you can tire yourself out and get fatigued, leaving yourself vulnerable to falling ill. Bring your bottle of Olé, and enjoy every minute without needing to worry about your health.
The Wardrobe

Apart from comfortable shoes (trust us, you’re going to be walking and dancing, A LOT!), you also need to rock the business casual look. Pack your #QNETME t-shirts and pair it with a comfortable pair of trousers. V-Con is also a good opportunity to pick up brand new QNET merchandise at the QNET Carnival if you’re looking for an excuse to up your style game.

The Must-Haves
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  • A Sturdy Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so crucial you can’t stress it enough. As important as it is to have a good time at V-Con, it is also important to make sure you drink enough water.

  • A Few Packs Of Wet Wipes

V-Con brings us all together for long periods of the day and night. Make sure you carry a pack of wet wipes with you to clear away the unwanted sweat and grime of the day. These packets are literally a mini shower in a cloth. They smell amazing, keep you fresh and easy to use whenever you need!

  • Your Basic Technology

Your V-Con experience would be incomplete without your smartphone, your charger and your power-bank. You never know when the ultimate selfie opportunity will present itself. You don’t want to miss out.

  • Notebooks and Pens

This is a bit old school, but if you’re going to want to remember every inspirational word, every lesson from our beloved Founders, every piece of advice that struck a chord with you, you’re going to need to jot it down. Buy a couple of pens that don’t smudge, and a few sturdy but easy to carry notebooks.

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring yourself. Set your alarm and set off well in time to make your flight, and have an experience of a lifetime. We can’t wait to rock this V-Con together with you.

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