September is coming soon and my mum’s birthday is just around the corner. Luckily tripsavr 2.0 came to the rescue. I used my tripsavr account to pay for the hotel for the trip I booked to surprise her. I also spent some time and planned out a few cool activities for us to experience. Being a culture junkie, Kiev is the perfect place to take her.

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Here are some of the sights I can’t wait to take her:

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The ‘Mother of the Motherland’ Statue

This gigantic statue stands on top the famous Museum of the Great Patriotic War which was built to commemorate the German-Soviet War. The museum plus the statue means the total height is a staggering 102m — quite a sight to behold.

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The National Opera House of Ukraine

This is a no-brainer, especially for my opera-loving mum. Almost a century and a half old, this opera house is currently home to the Kiev Opera Company. Classical music lovers — this is your destination.

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The Kiev Monastery of Caves

Voted one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, it was built in 1051. It’s a World UNESCO Heritage site and there are 100 monks in service there. Within the monastery, you’ll find several cathedrals and churches, a museum of mummified monks and the caverns that lead to living areas and small chapels. I’ll bet the history is fascinating!

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The River Dnieper

This is one of the largest rivers in Europe, running from Russia to the Black Sea, so even if we just go to take a good photograph, it’ll be worth it! We might go boating or just sit on its serene shores.

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St Andrew’s Descent

A major landmark of the city connecting the upper and lower parts of the town and built by the same architect who built the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg! It looks like it’ll be a long climb (Google says 720m) but the photographs I’ve seen of the beautifully crafted baroque church will certainly make the walk memorable. Plus there’ll be a fantastic view from there.

The most important factor is treating my mom to a cosy and comfortable hotel. We are going to stay at the Gintama Hotel, which is located right next to the National Philharmonic! I saved a whopping 25% on my booking, which means I could treat my mom to a really fancy dinner the night before we leave.

My tripsavr 2.0 Benefits

Staying in Gintama Hotel 5D4N, Kiev, Ukraine — USD 338 (Normal Price USD 424)

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