QNET is very proud to have its first ever batch of Sapphire Stars and we want to recognise them in style at V-UAE 2017.

The Sapphire Star Rank proves to the world that you are a consistent network marketing professional. It shows that you have already become a leader and QNET takes leadership and achievements very seriously through the Achievers’ Club. 

What’s the big surprise?

IRs who have achieved ALL the Sapphire Star rank advancement requirements on or before Sales Week 34 2017 (Month 8) will get a one time chance to be recognised on the V-UAE 2017 stage!

What have they achieved?

Here’s a quick guide to the Sapphire Star rank advancement requirements.

  • 50 Personal RSP
  • 1,000 Direct BV
  • 2,000 Group RSP within line of sponsorship
  • 40 steps
  • 5 downlines with Gold Star rank and above within line of sponsorship

Your new Rank Advancement dashboard can help you get there!

This is a special, one-time opportunity that should not be missed! If you are an IR who has already achieved the Sapphire Star rank on Week 34 2017, come and meet us for the arrangements in the Achievers’ Club booth in V-UAE 2017. IRS who will achieve the Sapphire Star Rank after Week 34 2017 would have to achieve the standard rank requirements for three (3) consecutive months to be recognised at V-Con. You will receive your pin at the Achievers’ Club section at the QNET Carnival, and not on the V-Con stage. 

Remember, you will be recognised as a Sapphire Star on the prestigious #VUAE17 Stage. You are being strictly reminded to bring and wear formal attire for the event. We reserve the right to refuse Sapphire Stars who wear short pants and slippers to the recognition event.

See you there!

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