This material is for the purpose of providing a brief overview of rank advancement and is not intended to replace the definition of these terminologies as ascribed in the Policies and Procedure which shall always prevail.   

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Here’s an easy-to-follow infographic on how you can achieve the SAPPHIRE Star rank in the QNET Achievers’ Club. This rank proves to the world that you are a consistent network marketing professional and that you have already started your journey towards being a leader.

Strategically placed between the Gold and Platinum Star ranks, a Sapphire Star earns USD 260 per step, per week. This is USD 10 per step more than what you will earn as a Gold Star. This proves that QNET truly rewards hard work and that with determination and genuine concern for your sales team, you will achieve more.

The QNET Achievers’ Club is all about achievable success. Every rank sends out a message of who you are and what you have achieved. Do more and be more!

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