We are ecstatic to showcase the latest timepiece to join our growing range of Bernhard H. Mayer timepieces — The V Spirit. Designed and curated especially keeping YOU in mind, this Swiss-made watch is a must-have for every QNET warrior. The V Spirit Watch is more than a timepiece. It is a companion that constantly reminds us of our passion for success and making a difference in the world.

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Every moment of our lives is fully intertwined and bound by time. Most people probably think that time limits what they can achieve. But as warriors of The V who are determined to live a limitless life, time is a friend. It is a glorious hymn for those who constantly pursue greatness and transcend limitations.

Imbued with hues of the boundless sky and seas, the watch expresses a strong sense of loyalty, peace, and reliability – values that highly characterise The V. Its sleek and minimalist look, highlighted by a scratchproof sapphire crystal glass, and a sophisticated slim NATO strap, keeps things in clear perspective, helping you to focus only on the things that matter.

What are you waiting for? If you want to wear your LIMITLESS attitude on your wrists, visit your eStore, TODAY!

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