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FAT- The three letter word that most of us are scared of being associated with. Obviously, we know that fat causes health problems, triggers emotional distress, and body image issues.  People tend to think of fat as the bane of their life, and interpret it in such a negative way. There are, however, different types of fats. The sort we’ll be exploring are the ones that are skin deep.

Find out how visceral and subcutaneous fats accumulate inside your body, and how Qafé Green Coffee can help you get rid of them.

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What Is Visceral Fat?

Visceral fat is often referred to as deep fat. As the name suggests, this type of fat forms deep in your organs. Deadly and hard to detect, they dig deep down, tucking themselves to your lungs, heart, stomach area, and liver. Visceral fat contributes to a large number of health issues like  heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and many other ones that you wouldn’t like to have.

What Is Subcutaneous Fat?

Subcutaneous fat is stored under the skin. This type of fat is easily noticed, in bulging bellies, tummy pouches, and love handles. This fat is formed around the thigh area in women, whereas in men, it forms around the stomach area. You should also know that subcutaneous fat is the underlying cause of the much-dreaded cellulite.

Despite the terrible rep, not all subcutaneous fat is bad. It can act as an energy reserve when you need lots of it to use. What’s more, subcutaneous fat contains blood vessels responsible for supplying the skin and nerves with oxygen. They function as as a shock absorber, cushioning the skin against possible trauma.

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Fat?

Exercise: It works to burn the unneeded subcutaneous fat.

Diet: Don’t starve yourself. That never works! Try, instead, to choosing your meals wisely, and keep track of your calorie content. Limiting your carb and sugar intake helps burn fat effectively.

Qafé: This green coffee does wonders for trimming off both visceral and subcutaneous fat. It not only keeps you feeling full for longer, effectively cutting out your cravings, it is also has a natural compound called CGA that helps speed your body’s ability to burn fat for energy as well as decreases glucose absorption in the body.

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