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Did You Know About These Incredible Pi-Water Benefits?

We all know about the incredible health benefits of drinking Pi-Water or living water that comes out of your HomePure. Discovered in Japan by Dr Akihiro Yamashita in 1964, at a molecular level, Pi-Water exactly like the water found inside living things. But did you know that there you can reap even more benefits from it?

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While the water in your city is clean, the water is likely treated with chlorine and other chemicals that lead to hair fall and dry skin. HomePure Nova helps remove these chemicals as it filters, and helps minimise the effects of skin and hair allergens.

Here is a list of ways in which HomePure’s Pi-Water can help you achieve your skin and your hair goals!

Pi-Water And Your Skin

Homepure Pi Water Benefits 2

Cleansing your face with Pi-water will help rid your skin of deeper impurities, leading to visibly clearer skin, and fewer outbreaks of spots. The water clusters of Pi-Water is smaller, and therefore absorbed easily into the skin, helping wash away the pollutants, and keeping your skin moisturised.

Homepure Pi Water Benefits 1

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While washing your face too often can lead to dry skin, Pi-Water properties helps keep your skin feeling plump and pampered. Wash your face daily with HomePure Pi-Water to help unclog your pores, and nourish your skin. This nourishment will lead to better complexion, and skin that feels healthier.

Pi-Water And Your Hair

HomePure Fiesta Qbuzz 3

Thanks to HomePure Nova’s ability to remove chemicals and other particulates from water, the Pi-Water produced is pure and gentle, helping give your scalp the care it deserves. Hair loses its shine because it loses its moisture. With Pi-Water, and its super-absorbent properties, you will expect your hair to regain its lost shine.

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Pollutants and other environmental factors, along with chemicals in your water, keep your hair dry and frizzy. You can resort to multiple chemical treatments for your hair, but the best and the simplest solution is to use the right water. With Pi-Water you get the gentle and natural treatment that could work wonders. Rinse your hair with cold Pi-Water which will not only clear the impurities on your scalp, but also help seal the upper layer of your hair shaft, making your hair smooth and soft.

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