Considered a veritable hotspot for tourists, Antalya continues to fascinate history buffs and beachcombers with its scenic attractions and activities, offering sensational sights and eye-opening experiences in store for you. Nestled on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya boasts white sand beaches with spectacular views of the mountains, opulent yachts, and docked or layover cruise ships.

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Here are the top five attractions curated just for you:

  1. Kaleici – To get properly acquainted with the wonders of Antalya, we recommend holidaymakers to jumpstart their trip with the exploration of the Kaleici or Old Antalya – a wonderfully preserved historic section that transports you back in time to Turkey’s colourful and majestic past. Here, you will see perfectly-restored Ottoman mansions dotting the cobblestone streets. Unique boutique hotels, souvenir shops, market places, art galleries, and restaurants are dotted throughout this part of town. The charming historical four story Doğan Hotel, houses more than forty guest rooms flanking a flower-filled outdoor dining terrace and a sunlit swimming pool. A short walk away from Doğan Hotel is a secluded beach where you can take a break from all the colourful sights and sounds.
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  1. Yivli Minare – Also known as the “fluted minaret” is one of Antalya’s most distinctive landmark built in the 13th century by a Seljuk Sultan. The minaret towers over a well-preserved 14th-century mosque that serves as Antalya’s symbol. Next to it stands an imposing clock tower built in the Ottoman era. Within the premises are ancient tombs dating back to the 14th century.
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  1. Aspendos – If you love history, then head out for a daytime trip to Aspendos, an ancient Greco-Roman city, fifty km east of Antalya. Though the site is mostly ruins, the Roman theatre is the best preserved in the world and ranks as one of the top tourist attractions in Turkey.

  1. Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park – Antalya is abundant with rivers, streams, and spectacular waterfalls. A limestone countryside rich in karst springs and sinkholes is situated just 35 km north of Antalya. A trip to experience the natural wonders of karst springs is a well-deserved break from the historic attractions in Kaleici. Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park, located just north-east of Antalya is a serene, picturesque park with impressive waterfalls. You can choose to take a plunge in the waters, or observe fishes and turtles in the pond. A stone path zigzags through the park, leading you to witness the natural treasures in store for you.  The site is dotted with refreshment stalls, restaurant, and a coffee shop.

  1. Old Harbour – Antalya’s old harbour hosts stunning views surrounded by cafés, bazaars, and specialty shops. You’ll also get to see extravagant yachts anchored in this portion of the Mediterranean. Enjoy your stay at the old harbour by shopping or basking in the golden sunset with a cup of Turkish coffee and local delicacies. You can head out to the secluded beaches for a cool swim.

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