Good news!

Your Rank Dashboard in the Virtual Office now gives you more up-to-date information regarding your rank advancement and maintenance performance.


Your Rank Dashboard shows you real-time information on Personal RSP, Direct Referral BV and Group RSP whilst the Steps and Group Performance data are only being updated two (2) weeks later.

Why is this?

The Steps and Group Performance are commission-run dependent. This means that these information are based on commission run results which are being regularly done two (2) weeks AFTER sales transaction dates. This allows us time to process only confirmed sales transactions for commission payments.


Your Rank Dashboard will now show your Steps and Group Performance achievements one week earlier than the previous update schedule!
Personal RSP, Direct Referral BV and Group RSP remain real-time.

The Steps and Group Performance information you will see now are updated as of the previous week.

This will help you know your goals earlier, manage and achieve your Rank Advancement or maintenance requirements in a more timely manner!

How Does It Work?

This gives you more time to maintain your current pay rank, or better yet, to achieve the next higher rank for more earnings!

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