2017 is ending soon and what a year it has been!

If you have set your 2017 goals, you already have an idea of how much you still need to work on for the remaining days of this year. Knowing your goals and realising your milestones in a timely manner puts you ahead of your game by enabling you to strategise and plan according to the deadlines you have set. Why do you need deadlines? It is because goals without deadlines are merely dreams. Also, deadlines are very important in the network marketing business.

Your 2018 Sales Month Calendar

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First, you need to understand these terminologies:
• Sales Month — This represents 12 months in one year
• Sales Week —2018 has 52 weeks and we will follow the 4-4-5 week pattern per quarter
• Covered Sales Dates — This shows you the exact covered dates per week. It typically starts every Saturday each week at 00:00 HKST and ends every Friday of the same week at 11:59 HKST

Get to Know Your Rank Dashboard

Together with your sales month calendar, your Rank Dashboard shows you a clear view of your achievements.
The Rank Advancement and Maintenance Dashboards are important QNET business tools that are designed to help you move up or maintain your Achievers’ Club ranks, and earn more through the dynamic management of your rank advancement and maintenance requirements. The Rank Advancement Dashboard contains information you need to move up to the next higher rank, while the Rank Maintenance Dashboard displays information that you need to keep or maintain your current Pay Rank.

How can I access my Rank Advancement and Maintenance Dashboards?

• Login to your Virtual Office (VO).
• Scroll down towards the end of the VO homepage and click on My Activity & Performance.
• Click on Rank Dashboard. Both Rank Advancement and Maintenance Dashboards are available in this section.

If you are accessing the Rank Dashboards through the new Virtual Office (applicable only to UAE IRs):

• Login to your Virtual Office
• Click Virtual Office on the upper right hand side of the screen.
• A side menu will be available on the left; click Performance Reports. A slide down menu will appear.
• In the slide down menu, click New Rank Advancement or Rank Maintenance.

Watch out for more information about your Rank Dashboard!

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