Traveling is no cheap feat. It requires extra planning, and research for budget-friendly alternatives. However, with tripsavr you’ll be able to have the holiday of your dreams at a discounted price without pinching your pennies.  We were incredibly pleased to sit down with our V Partner Mahendra Kumar who discussed the unique benefits of tripsavr 2.0. Click the video to hear why he recommends tripsavr 2.0 to everyone.

tripsavr 2.0 lets you book your holiday accommodation at competitive prices. In addition, you’ll be able to make money by transferring your Savings Dollars to a Preferred Customer (PC). You’ll also get travel credits when your PC makes a booking with their Savings Dollars. These unique features allow you to enjoy your holidays stress-free with a cheaper price.

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To put the cherry on the cake, you have the incredible option of giving free Preferred Customer accounts to you friends and family who want to travel. That aside, your Savings Dollars can be shared and transferred to your PC anytime. You’ll receive travel credits whenever your Preferred Customer makes a booking. Another wonderful feature is that you can choose to either transfer the travel credits to your Quest account or use them to pay for your travel bookings.

With tripsavr, you can earn money and travel with your loved ones for the most reasonable prices available.

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