The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. From left to right: QNET Business Development Executive Muqtadir Suwani, V Council Member Patrick Phamien, V Council Member Jean Luc, QNET Head of Marketing Irina Polyakova, V Partner David Sharma, Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral, QNET Côte d’Ivoire Agent Dr. Solu Fofana , and V Council Member Sylla Youssef.

QNET hosted an unforgettable month-long Absolute Living Expo tour that covered a whooping seven countries in the African continent. The event saw a record-breaking 50,000 attendees, and was held with the aim to promote and showcase QNET’s remarkable collection of Absolute Living products for current and potential IRs. In addition, our IRs were given the opportunity of a lifetime by engaging in network marketing in such an enormous platform.

QNET’s IRs and members of the public had the chance to familiarise themselves with quality health and wellness products designed to promote healthy living and well-being. QNET’s HomePure range of water filters, Qafé green coffee, Swiss eLearning Institutes online courses, and the Amezcua range of energy products were the most popular QNET products on display.

Here are some highlights of the expo:

26-27 September 2017 — Côte d’Ivoire

QNET hosted a product exhibition highlighting some of its bestsellers that included an assortment of health and wellness products, as well as booths to our virtual products, such as the Swiss eLearning Institute courses. Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral, who is a strong believer in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, participated in the official opening of the event, and was there to personally meet and greet all the potential IRs.

Our VIP guests were also in attendance alongside large members of the public. One of these guests include Ivorian football legend, Didier Zokoura.

QNET donated two HomePure Nova units to the Blind Association in Abidjan who were very appreciative of the gesture. The exhibition came to a successful close with the VIP guests and attendees looking forward to welcoming QNET to Côte d’Ivoire again in the future.

01-02 October 2017 — Mali

The Absolute Living Expo in Mali was held in Bamako, and was officiated by the Mayor of Commune 4 Honourable Alkoussoum Maiga. Other VIP guests included the Minister of Youth and various Members of Parliament. The event garnered lots of press coverage from local radios.

“I’m happy to welcome QNET to Bamako. I’ve gained a better understanding of the company now, and I’m very impressed with the quality products, particularly HomePure range of water filters that has been displayed,” said the Mayor.

The Member of Parliament, Professor Kalilou Ouattara, purchased the HomePure water system and introduced it to the Malian National Assembly. He raised the serious issue of the supply of low quality water in Mali and said that QNET’s HomePure filtration system is providing Malians with better quality water. Besides that, he has expressed his delight with the assortment of skincare products QNET offers.

The Minister of Public Works, Amadou Ibrama Maiga added that this was not the first time he purchased QNET products and was immensely satisfied with the quality being offered. “Last year’s expo has positively impacted people because QNET offers the best products. As an IR, you’ll be offered endless opportunities and access to information, as QNET teaches them how to earn money ethically. With courage and hard work, you’ll be successful,” he said.

05-06 October 2017 — Senegal 

QNET hosted a conference attended by VIP guests which included the Honourable Minister Pape Gourgi Ndong, the Minister of Youth, and El Hadji, a Senegalese football legend.

The Honourable Minister warmly welcomed QNET to Senegal and highlighted the need of a sustainable career for the young generation which would be possible with QNET.

09-10 October 2017 — Guinea

More than 15,000 people attended QNET’s event including many distinguished guests that included the Honorable Minister, Albert Damantang Camara, and the Ministers of Technical Education, Vocational Training, Employment, and Labour. The VIP guests were glad to see QNET’s presence and expressed their hope of bringing more entrepreneurship opportunities to Guineans.

14-15 October 2017 – Douala, Cameroon

QNET held a product exhibition of its bestsellers which include the HomePure Nova water filter and Swiss E-Learning course, and a wide variety of health and wellness products. The event was well received by the locals and was packed with large number of attendees. Those who participated at the event welcomed QNET’s presence in Douala and expressed their enthusiasm for the products and their willingness to become a part of the QNET family.

17-18 October 2017 — Yaounda, Cameroon

Yaounda was QNET’s next stop in its Cameroon tour. Large numbers of enthusiastic individuals turned out to witness a variety of different products being displayed. The expo also included various product demonstrations that enabled the attendees to interact personally with QNET’s range of products.

21-22 October 2017 — Burkina Faso

QNET’s event was attended by a large number of people, along with a VIP guest, the Chamber of Commerce President of the Central Region, the Honourable Ouedaraogo Amidou. Attendees showed their interest in learning more about QNET’s products, particularly the wide collection of lifestyle and wellness products, which they felt would appeal to Burkinabes.

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