Phase Two of Vijayaratnam Foundation’s Maharani Camp continues to provide young girls in the community with numerous opportunities to develop valuable skills and build self-confidence. The three-day-two-night camp, held at AsiaCamp in Selangor, Malaysia, was attended by 32 students from SMK Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab and SMK Methodist, Perak.

The second phase of the Maharani Camp was a survival camp during which, students took part in various experiential learning activities. The camp tested the students’ physical strength, agility and teamwork in an outdoor setting. Activities included first aid training, tent setting, night walk in the jungle, obstacle races and a lesson on body image.

Training activities were conducted under the watchful eyes of AsiaCamp trainers, with the assistance of Vijayaratnam Foundation staff and volunteers. Overall, the camp aimed to challenge students to confront and overcome their fears and self-set limits.

One participant shared about how she overcame her fear, “I was afraid of heights before. During the obstacles race, I was encouraged and helped by others to climb over a wall and now, I’m not afraid anymore. I have learned that I need to adapt to survive in different environments.”