Exclusive to IRs with Sapphire Stars ranks or higher—you may now view your previous month achievements in the Rank Dashboard!

Why is it important?

It Gives You A General Idea Of Your Monthly Performance

Were there months when you performed a bit under your optimum standards? Which months are those and why? Which rank requirements can you complete faster and what are the ones that challenges you more? With this new function of the Rank Dashboard and the help of the 2018 QNET Sales Calendar, you can now monitor the information more closely and use it to strategise and ensure your sales performance remains at its best.

It serves as a reference for your past earnings

Think about banks having monthly statement of accounts for customers so they can check account movements from time to time. This new function in the Rank Dashboard works exactly like that!

It motivates you to achieve more so can earn more!

Being able to back track your previous month performance reminds you of the highest achievements you reached – let those stats become your benchmark. Maintain your current achievements or hit the next rank to earn more!

To check your previous month achievements, go to you Rank Dashboard in the Virtual Office:

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