Before joining QNET, Platinum Star Diarrassouba Ngolo’s life was anything but average. Born into a poor family in a small village north of Ivory Coast, Diarrassouba was a medical student at the National University in Abidjan when the 2010-11 Ivorian Crisis broke out, and forced him and his family to take refuge. While helping his family with their farmland, his fate took a turn when a friend introduced him to QNET.

What drives you to success?

I do not like the thought of living within my limits. When I was maxing out as a Gold Star, it was a big limitation for me because I was just earning the same commission as I maintained my rank. So, I found it necessary to look for something greater; I fought to become a Platinum Star to earn and achieve more.

What was the biggest challenge you faced on your way to becoming a Platinum Star?

The biggest challenge as a leader was to turn 30 downlines into Gold Stars. Most of my downlines were stuck as Bronze and Silver Stars because they took little interest in the Gold rank. It took a lot of effort to promote its advantages, and I had to follow up on my team one by one and get them to focus on their rank advancement.

What factors led to you become a Platinum Star?

The support from my mentors and leaders; their game-changer mentality, which my team also developed; and my own background. I always dreamed of raising myself from poverty. I translated all these into a commitment I dared to meet.

What advice can you give to those who want to become Platinum Stars?

QNET helped me think beyond my present. I became dedicated to my dreams, which keeps getting bigger. I encourage all those who want to become Platinum Stars to give their all to get there, because with this rank, you will be able to achieve all your dreams. Do not be satisfied with a small rank when the higher ranks are there for the taking. The most important thing is to fight to get there.

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