Wednesday, June 7, 2023

#QNETPRO Worldwide

In an effort to support our advocacy of promoting professional network marketing, we have initiated the worldwide #QNETPRO campaign, a pledge from QNET and our IRs to be at the forefront of promoting direct selling as a thriving and legitimate profession.

The campaign includes providing useful information about professional marketing through trainings, events and promotion materials that are available online and in print. These are distributed in global events and in all QNET offices.


QNETPRO Talks is a series of interviews conducted with successful and celebrated network marketing professionals in QNET. Through real life success stories, we encourage and inspire Independent Representatives to build sustainable businesses by personally engaging in honest and professional network marketing sales activities.


QNETPRO Bookmarks

We have included FREE limited edition #qnetpro bookmarks with every QNET product shipment. The specially designed bookmarks speak about the core qualities of a #qnetpro, namely fairness, honesty, responsibility, and integrity.

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Following the launch of the QNETPRO Training, our QNET Offices in Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia (Bali and Surabaya), and Turkey have made extensive efforts to raise awareness about QNETPRO by displaying QNETPRO banners at our office reception areas, where you can clearly read and take to heart the slogan, ‘Integrity Matters in Success’.


QNETPRO Trainings

This is another important part of the campaign. Throughout the course of the trainings, we highlight how QNET advocates responsibility and integrity as powerful and basic foundations for a successful and sustainable network marketing businesses. These trainings support our pledge to give the direct selling industry the smartest, exceptionally professional, and most successful distributors it can ever have.


This year, our team of QNETPRO Trainers have trained over 13,000 IRs in 6 languages in more than 35 locations worldwide. These include Hong Kong, Myanmar, Singapore, Dubai, Philippines, Georgia, Kuwait, Turkey, Sudan, and Tanzania. Many cities across Russia, Kazakhstan, South Asia, Indonesia and West Africa also underwent QNETPRO trainings.

QNETPro Kazakhstan
Our batch of energized and inspired IRs in Astana and Oskemen, Kazakhstan are definitely on their way to Rank Advancement!
QNETPro West Africa
Our leaders in West Africa took the QNETPRO pledge to heart.
Say hello to our IRs from Indonesia!
QNETPro Tanzania Sudan
QNETPROs in Tanzania and Sudan.
Ivory Coast 1
All smiles after the training with leaders in Ivory Coast.
QNETPro Myanmar
Our IRs in Myanmar are now certified QNETPROs.
QNETPro Georgia
We got really excited over the huge crowds in Batumi and Tbilisi, Georgia who took part in the trainings.

Do you want to understand what it takes to become a genuine #qnetpro? Our strong roster of #qnetpro trainers are here to support you. The QNETPRO training covers the QNET Compensation Plan focusing on Rank Advancement and Maintenance, Professional Marketing Modules, and the Policies and Procedures. Do you want to make a request for trainings for you and your sales teams? Send us an email through and we will get in touch with you.

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