The Former prime minster of Sudan, HE Sadiq Al Mahdi, Somalian Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Dr. Salem Aliyo, Secretary General at the Arab Water Council, Dr. Hussein Al Atfy, and QNET staff.

QNET attended the Fourth Arab Water Forum last week in Cairo, Egypt. The forum focused on the slogan “Sharing Water…Sharing Destiny”, and was attended by several high-ranking officials including the General Secretary of the Arab League Ambassador Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Honorary Chairman of the Arab Water Council, Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Dr Mohamed Abdel-Ati, and a number of Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Water, Agriculture, Energy and Environment.

VIPs seated during the opening ceremony.

The highlight of the Arab Water Forum was the inauguration of the third Arab Water Exhibition where the HomePure s range of quality water filters, was showcased in the presence of professional experts, specialists, and representatives of regional and international organisations.

The Honorary Chairman of the Arab Water Council, His Highness, Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz paid a visit to the HomePure booth.

The forum discussed a number of important topics that directly affect water users and stakeholders in the region. The event was also used as a platform to review the latest innovations in the sector responsible for eliminating issues caused by water pollution, and providing safe drinking sources in the region.

Journalists and members of the media toured the HomePure booth.

QNET HomePure Marketing Manager, Aim-On Lee explained the significance of QNET’s participation in this exhibition by echoing the company’s commitment to provide clean drinking water sources as a joint effort with the international and Arab water sector.

She added: “We seek to enhance our HomePure range of products through creativity and innovation, and by committing ourselves to raise awareness about the importance of ensuring access to clean and safe water. This was the drive behind the creation of our latest state-of-the-art HomePure Nova filter, which is being showcased at the Forum’s exhibition”.

The Chairman of the Arab Water Council, Dr Mahmoud Abou Zeid stopped by the HomePure booth.

Dr Mahmoud Abou Zeid said that the slogan summed up the water issues facing the Arab region, which is more severe than other parts of the world.

The Honorary Chairman of the Arab Water Council, His Highness Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, gave a speech welcoming attendees.

The General Secretary of the Arab Water Council Dr Hussien El-Atfy highlighted the need to tackle water quality by developing different solutions for water and nutrition. He added that the problem is becoming increasingly complex in the Arab region, and that stakeholders must come up with sustainable solutions in the future.

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