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QNET Thailand Staff Brought Happiness to Underprivileged Children


QNET Thailand staff participated in a Staff Social Responsibility (SSR) programme called Sea Life last month. The programme was organised with Sansiri PLC., one of the top three real estate developers in Thailand.

The goal of the event was to bring joy and happiness to underprivileged adults and children of Burmese and Cambodian descent by treating them to a visit to Siam Ocean World. Most of the adults arrived from rural regions of their countries to work as labourers in Bangkok’s construction sites while their children, although born in Thailand, are stateless and live with their parents at the sites.

The trip started off with a ride on chartered vans for the parents and kids who were filled with excitement as they looked forward this memorable experience. When they arrived, the group went off to explore the 10,000-square metre aquarium which showcased hundreds of unique underwater species.

QNET Project Management Executive, Ann Sasipen Kuneepong, who took part in the activity said, “I am delighted to be here enjoyed my time with the children and members of their community. They are such genuine people!” Another participant, QNET Creative Specialist, Pong Namon Choteanankul, stated that “It is important for us to learn more about the well-being of neglected communities who require our support.”

A representative from the community also expressed their gratitude to the QNET Thailand volunteers, “Today’s visit made us feel special and made us know that we are not alone. We thank you for this great experience!”

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