If you are hunting for a memorable winter getaway trip, look no further than Japan. This beautiful Asian country is famous for its unique culture, warmth, and the hospitality of its people. Tourists arrive here for incredible experiences available in all seasons. Japan is famous for its springtime, when cherry blossoms in full bloom. However, visiting the country during winter is just as sublime with a host of unique activities that are exclusive to this nail-biting season.

Winter in Japan usually lasts from December to March. Depending on where you plan to head-off to, the temperature can range from freezing, like the northern region of Hokkaido and the Japanese Alps, or pleasant and crisp, which makes up the subtropical climate of Okinawa.

Here are our top five reasons why Japan is a fantastic place to fly off to this winter:

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1. Outstanding Onsen Experience

There is no denying that Japan has taken the ‘hot spring’ experience to an extraordinary art form. That is why visiting an authentic onsen should be on top of your list when touring Japan in winter. Plan ahead for a luxurious onsen ryokan session. While there, you can savour the healing properties of the hot spring, along with sumptuous and healthy selections of Japanese cuisine for breakfast and dinner.

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2. Winter Sports

For the athletic and outgoing types, the lure of winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding may be a little hard to say no to. The legendary prefectures of Hokkaido and Nagano are home to world-class ski resorts in Japan. If your goal is to witness snow firsthand, you will be delighted to discover that the Japanese Alps receive abundant snowfall throughout winter. This makes it a perfect destination for both winter sports and relaxing hikes on powdery soft snow. Don’t forget to gulp down hot sake after a long day of snowy outdoor activities!

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3. Winter Food

Japanese cuisine is famous worldwide and culinary travelers swear by the impeccable winter specialties being served in Tokyo’s leading sushi-ya. Seafood lovers can scoot over to Kanazawa situated on the sea coast, or Hokkaido for its mouth-watering soup curry and miso ramen. Also, why not head over to Hiroshima and Miyajima for the freshest and most succulent oysters in season? Wherever you might find yourself in Japan, you can simply cozy up in any of the local izakayas (Japanese-style pub) for your favourite appetizers, sake, and Japanese-style tapas.

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4. Snow Monkeys and Other Winter Animals

Head to the Snow Monkey Park to see the famous red-faced monkeys happily soaking in the numerous onsen scattered throughout the park. Though getting here requires a bit of travel, photographers, animal lovers, and families with young children should not be daunted by long journey. In Hokkaido, the Tsurui-Ito Tancho Sanctuary is home to the red-crowned cranes who gather every winter for their annual mating dances.

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5. Shirakawa-go

Complete another chapter of your Japan winter wonderland trip with a visit to Shirakawa-go, a small, traditional village in Takayama, located in Gifu Prefecture. The unique architecture is depicted with homes built with tall, pointed roofs in the gasshō-zukuri style. In wintertime, the village is brightly lit up making it similar to Christmas festivities. It’s almost as if Santa Claus and his reindeers are not too far behind. To get the ideal view, you must head up to the Shiroyama Viewpoint which towers above the village. Shirakawa-go is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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