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QNET Goes On A Remarkable Achievers Incentive Tour 2017

QNET Achievers


QNET Achievers in Barcelona

All hard work will be rewarded. This motto could not ring truer than with the QNET Achievers Incentive Tour which rewards the commitment, hard work, persistence, and determination of our Achievers who soared through their Rank Advancement. Here at QNET, your efforts will not go unnoticed; with numerous rewards and incentives you have the opportunity to rub shoulders with our Founders, V Partners, and inspiring leaders, get exclusive quality time with them, and learn the secrets of success from them.

All ears for a sit-down session in which inspiring stories were shared. These mostly revolve on ways to overcome challenges, break through obstacles, and grow the business through hard work, dedication and perseverance.
Soaking in all the secrets of success at an exclusive session with ‘Chief’ Pathman Senathirajah.

As a recognition of our Independent Representatives’ hard work and efforts, we planned a memorable trip filled with exciting experiences and fun activities to take advantage of.

Scroll down to sneak a peek of the highlights of the tour!

The pinnacle of the QNET Achievers Incentive Tour was when our Achievers were given the thrill of a lifetime to sit down for a football match between Barcelona FC and Sevilla FC at Camp Nou Stadium.

Our Achievers were on the edge of their seats as they watched the ongoing battle between the two teams. Not even the rain could spoil the excitement as pulses were racing when Barcelona won by a score of 2-1. After they’ve recovered from the excitement, our #QNETVIPs stopped by many stores scattered within the stadium and purchased plenty of Barcelona merchandise as souvenirs of this memorable trip.

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What’s the best way to make this trip even better than a little bit of celebration? Our Achievers headed to a glittering venue for a star studded, exclusive ‘Diamond Star Club Night’.

A starry evening at the Diamond Star Club Night.

There, a party was underway, as our V Partners and Achievers celebrated the birthday of our Diamond Star V Partner, Arun George. A lavish chocolate cake was brought out by waiters holding sparklers. It was a time to lie back, and savour the breathtaking scenery, and celebrate our Achievers’ hard work, dedication, and success.

What an amazing way to celebrate a birthday!

Another fantastic evening to indulge our distinguished guests took place at the swanky La Dolce Vitae, Majestic Hotel and Spa, where our guests attended the QNET Achievers Evening – brimming with delightful activities.
It was a perfect opportunity for our Achievers and Champions to relax from the whirlwind of fun of the past few days, for some family time, and breaking the ice with fellow Achievers. A flurry of pictures and selfies were taken, and the rest of the evening was spent admiring the jaws-stopping 360-degree view of the city while regaling stories were shared between bites of delightful desserts. Even though the weather was freezing, everyone was in good spirits.

Towards the end of the night, everyone had a chance to reflect on all the exclusive once-in-a-lifetime activities they got to experience. They unanimously agreed that coming to this tour and spending quality time with each other made this a trip to remember.

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