Elixa, the modern day, revolutionary skincare is your answer for a youthful gorgeous skin powered by aromatherapy. The range of Elixa skincare products are designed to effectively inject life back to your skin and reverse signs of ageing using essential oils. Ingredients are entirely sourced from nature and transformed into essential oils through an advanced scientific process.

Restore, Rejuvenate, Revitalise –Elixa’s mantra – has never been made easier. Using an innovative Mincroencapsulation Technology, the nutrients sourced from Mother Nature are preserved and sealed in a bubble coating, locking the moisture within. So, all the beneficial nutrients responsible for working wonders on your skin are not being lost to the air, but are instead preserved and brought straight to you!

What’s more, Elixa’s skincare range makes your appear as if you’ve just popped over to a facialist for an hour-long spa session. This is way better, as you do it in the comforts of your home, with products that are easy to use and guaranteed to work wonders on your skin!

Here’s our list of must-have Elixa skincare products:

Enriched Purifying Cleanser

A hero product that makes your skin truly stand out. Made from Aloe Vera and Honey extracts, this cleanser gently removes impurities trapped in your pores for a brighter complexion and firmer skin. The healing properties of Aloe Vera and Portulaca extracts makes it suitable for all skin types, as it does not strip off natural oils present on the skin’s surface.

Calm and Revitalising Toner

The combination of natural anti-ageing ingredients such as Collagen-Maricol 5 boosts moisture retention, improves the skin’s texture, and leaves you with firm, glowing skin. Additional infusions of anti-ageing properties are added to preserve your skin’s youth and vibrancy. You’ll notice the difference after just a few applications!

Enhanced Protective Day Cream

Does wonders for your skin. Once you’ve used this, you’ll never moisturise with anything else. A few dollops of this will go a long way in quenching thirsty skin. It comes with SPF 30 PA +++ , shielding your skin against the sun’s harsh rays. Naturally sourced marine ingredients in the formula are added to fix skin blemishes and imperfections.

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Restorative Replenishing Night Cream

Does your skin look dull and tired? This will do the trick and make it glow in the blink of an eye! Richly infused with a blend of Shea butter and essential oils to keep your skin soft, supple, and bright. Plus, the super anti-oxidants extracted from Mother Nature works as anti-ageing properties, boosting your Collagen levels and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Let Elixa be your gateway to discovering the fountain of youth. If achieving vibrant skin is your goal, then you’re on the right path by pampering your skin daily with Elixa’s aromatherapy infused products. The divine fragrance and healing properties relaxes your mind and calms your mood. By boosting your skin’s health and restoring its vitality and glow, you’ll be on the path of turning back the clock on your skin!

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