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QNET Shines Bright At Wave’Con And O’Con 2017!

QNET has yet again proved itself as an unstoppable force with the long-awaited O’Con and Wave’Con event spectacularly held last week in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire at the Palais des Sports Triechville.
The event rounded off with Wave’Con, the 4th annual convention of Wave 15. This remarkable three-day event gathered over 7000 participants, representing more than a dozen countries.

WaveCon 2017 3

The event commenced with the Opening Ceremony in which a parade of excited participants gathered and made their way to the venue. A variety of flags were waving about, while colourful local costumes and dance performances regaled the crowd and received a thunderous round of applause from the delighted audience.

QNET IRs were enthusiastic about welcoming QNET yet again in Africa. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase bestselling QNET products which were on display at various booths throughout the event.

Around 100 diplomas were handed out to graduates of the Swiss eLearning Institute (SELI). The proud graduates made their way to the stage where they shook hands and were congratulated by QNET CEO, Trevor Kuna.

WaveCon 2017 8
QNET CEO, Trevor Kuna and V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz, flanked by enthusiastic fans.

WaveCon 2017 7

Another thrilling highlight came in form of an inspiring speech which moved the audience immensely. QNET’s Brand Ambassador and brilliant Olympic Taekwondo Champion, Cheick Sallah Cissé shared his personal story his journey to success, which was met with echoes of cheers, applause, and admiration.

WaveCon 2017 6

As an unwavering commitment to QNET’s Absolute Living goals to promote healthy living and a holistic lifestyle, QNET unrolled its wide range of health and wellness products, and introduced them to members of the public. This is in tune with QNET’s pledge to making quality health and well-being accessible to all.

Various amazing activities took place, which immensely delighted Ivorians and participants from other nations. Exhibition booths were set up, displaying QNET’s bestselling products, to introduce entrepreneurship opportunities to our enthusiastic attendees. The booths drew massive crowds, who were absolutely thrilled to witness and try out the variety of high-quality products on display, and find ways to purchase them.

WaveCon 2017 4

Also in attendance were prominent VIPs which include: The Representative of the Minister of Trade, Crafts and SME Promotion of the Ivory Coast, Ouattara Léger, and the Representative of the Minister of Communication of Côte d’Ivoire, Sylvestre M’Poué.

OCon 2017 1

QNET’s first-ever annual O’Con (OSCARS), took off right after the successful Wave’ Con finale. The action-packed three-day event saw more than 5,500 attendees gathering from more than 15 countries.
The opening ceremony started off with much pomp and splendor, and was jam-packed with thrill and action. The fun-filled day consisted of many colourful displays African culture such as lively cultural dances and musical performances.

OCon 2017 2

OCon 2017 3

OCon 2017 5

OCon 2017 7

OCon 2017 1

OCon 2017 4

OCon 2017 6

The Swiss e-Learning Institute’s (SELI) Graduation Ceremony of which around eighty diplomas were handed out was another important highlight of this year’s O’Con. The burgeoning number of graduates demonstrates how successful SELI has been in equipping its students with necessary skill sets, enhancing the opportunities for students to become successful entrepreneurs.

OCon 2017 11

OCon 2017 9

OCon 2017 8 e1513957494213

Also in attendance were prominent VIPs comprising of former Senagelese football legend, Hadji Diouf, the President of the General Council of the Ferke, Koné Lacina Cardosi, King of Bassam, Assemien Nogbou, and Cote d’Ivoire Director of National Security, Colonel Ouattara Ben Aziz.

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