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QNET Malaysia Lends Hand To The Needy At Kechara Soup Kitchen


QNET Malaysia volunteers continued to support Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) through its SSR programme. More than twenty QNET staff and volunteers from various departments joined forces to lend a hand to the soup kitchen staff. KSK, which was founded by His Eminence TSEM Rinpoche, is a registered NGO which aims to distribute food, provide counselling services, and medical care for the homeless and urban poor.

The volunteers took part in the food bank programme registration and grocery distribution for impoverished families in the Desa Mentari residential area. QNET’s volunteers were divided into two groups, who congregated at KSK’s premises in Kuala Lumpur according to their selected time-shifts. Next, KSK gave an introductory briefing which our first-time volunteers found to be very informative.

Our enthusiastic volunteers travelled to Desa Mentari in shared cars. When they arrived, volunteers worked together with experienced KSK team members to carry out the registration and distribution exercises. KSK team members were very helpful and shared their expertise on the soup kitchen’s operations with QNET volunteers.

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The KSK team thanked our volunteers for contributing their time to support the soup kitchen. They applauded QNET’s commitment for living the values of RYTHM, short for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and for its continued effort in fulfilling its SSR programmes. Many QNET volunteers delightedly said that the activity was an eye opening and humbling experience, after witnessing first-hand the daily struggles faced by the urban poor. Several volunteers said that they plan to return to volunteer in the soup kitchen in the future.



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