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RYTHM Scholars in Vietnam Programme Aims to Empower Schoolgirls Through Education


Upholding our commitment to Community Development, which aspires to empower underprivileged communities through capability building, RYTHM Foundation has joined hands with Asia Foundation to launch the RYTHM Scholars in Vietnam Programme.

RYTHM Foundation works closely with the Asia Foundation, a non-profit international development organisation dedicated to improving lives throughout Asia. With offices in 18 countries, Asia Foundation focuses its work across the region to target five main objectives: strengthening governance, empowering women, expanding economic opportunities, increasing environmental resilience, and promoting regional cooperation.

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Recipients of the recently launched scholarship programme consists of forty disadvantaged secondary school girls from Dien Bien province. Owing to financial difficulties and cultural restrictions, many poor families in Dien Bien are unable to provide secondary education for their daughters. This scholarship will equip female students with the right to education and consequently, help them break free from the cycle of poverty.

Throughout the next three years, RYTHM Foundation will contribute a total of USD 50,000 to the scholarship programme. The fund will directly finance students’ academic costs from Grade 10 through Grade 12. Since the 2017-2018 academic year, scholarship funds have been used to cover tuition costs, uniforms, learning materials, transportation costs, and relevant school expenses.

RYTHM strongly maintains that education is a vital tool for self-empowerment. Evidently, scholarship programmes have been a significant factor in bringing down the student drop-out rate, making academic improvements, and achieving higher entries to tertiary education. RYTHM and Asia Foundation will be working closely to supervise the programme’s impact on the student’s progress in the near future.



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