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QNET Gurkha Trailblazer: The Bravest of Them All


Heroes shall never be forgotten.

QNET is proud to announce that it will sponsor the Gurkha Trailblazer 2018 – a charity race which will be held this weekend in Hong Kong.

The charity run is named in honor of fallen Nepalese soldiers. These heroes, known as Gurkhas were recruited to the British army, and sacrificed their lives fighting as British soldiers on multiple warfronts worldwide for a lasting peace. The Gurkhas have cemented their reputation for valour while serving as frontline troops. They have also contributed greatly to preserving the stability of Hong Kong from 1948 – 1997, by defending the border and actively providing humanitarian support during environmental catastrophes.

The QNET Gurkha Trailblazer race will cover two distances of twelve kilometres and 26 kilometres in the north east New Territories.
“We’re very proud to announce our sponsorship of the QNET Gurkha Trailblazer charity run. This sponsorship incredibly lives up to the principles of QNET’s Absolute Living campaign,” said QNET Chairman, Richard Zinkiewicz.

“Here at QNET, we unanimously believe that health and wellness is your number one priority. Therefore, stepping up one’s health regimen through workouts such as running will ultimately result in a balanced lifestyle,” he added.

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Passion is what propels QNET to great heights of success. “The principles of QNET’s Absolute Living campaign emphasises the zest for life and a positive, hands-on approach to health and wellness. It is definitely much more than a race to the finish line!” QNET Chairman, Richard Zinkiewicz said.

It can easily be said that the QNET Gurkha Trailblazer event is set to become a well-known addition to Hong Kong’s wide variety of charitable runs. The sport’s popularity took off in recent years and has attracted prestigious runners all over the globe. This very first run has already brought on a renowned celebrity in the sporting world: Mira Rai, the Nepalese hill racing champion has been invited to grace the event.

All the proceeds from the QNET Gurkha Trailblazer race will go to the Child Welfare Scheme (CWS), to assist in developing schools in Nepal and fund young Nepalese students with High School Diploma Scholarships. In addition, the funds will also help preserve and promote Gurkha history for future generations to come.
The Gurkha Trailblazer charity race was founded as a tribute to Gurkha history, and to remember the sacrifices made by the brave Nepalese soldiers in global conflicts and the lasting impact they’ve made to world peace. Around 300 eager runners from many countries have registered to participate in the upcoming QNET Gurkha Trailblazer race.

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