Children with special needs are capable of living fulfilling lives when given adequate guidance and emotional support. In an effort to demonstrate our confidence in their potential, QNET staff in the UAE recently volunteered at the Senses Residential and Day Care Centre, with the aim of spending quality time with the children and providing them with emotional support.

The centre is a non-profit organisation, and is the first and only residential care facility for special needs in the UAE and the Middle East. It offers specialised programmes for children from two to nineteen years of age, who suffer from physical disabilities and Down Syndrome. To ensure that they receive the best care possible, the centre combines speech therapy, music therapy, art classes, life skills, sports, and physiotherapy.

Six QNET volunteers travelled from Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to the centre in Dubai. There, they supported the children with their daily activities such as music classes, meal time, playtime, and daily walks. A fun party filled with exciting games was also held for the children.

The radiant smiles on the children’s faces showed that they had a wonderful time with our volunteers. Likewise, QNET volunteers found this to be a memorable and rewarding activity as they were able to give the children a brief respite from their daily struggles and made a difference in their day.

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