QNET encourages all our IRs to adopt a consistent and professional attitude at all times by complying with the QNET Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics.

To uphold QNET and the Direct Selling industry in general, QNET has its strong Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics that all Independent Representatives must understand and agree to from the day they register as IRs of QNET. Violations on the QNET Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics are serious offenses which may result in criminal liabilities.

Therefore, if you spot or suspect a possible violation of the Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics, you should report it to the Global Support Center or Network Integrity Department as soon as possible.

This way, we can prevent unhealthy situations resulting from false claims that can potentially put QNET’s reputation at stake. Your information is vital to achieving our goals of educating and instilling moral values to our network. Your helpful e-mails, letters, and phone calls could be our first alert to a possible violation and may provide the initial evidence needed to begin an investigation.

Here Are Two Steps of Reporting Violations:
STEP 1: Gather Information.

Whatever the violation—whether it is business misrepresentation, fraud, or participation in other Direct Selling companies, cross-lining, disparagement, to name a few, you can act by reporting to the Network Integrity Department (NID) or the Global Support Centre.

Gather as much information as possible on the individual you want to report. Also specify what sort of breach you think they committed. Try to gather the following details at the very least:

• The alleged violator’s IR ID number, name, and/or any aliases.
• Their upline’s IR ID number and name.
• Specific activity which is in violation of the P&P and/or Code of Ethics.
• Any supporting evidence, such as photos, emails, videos, WhatsApp messages, and/or screenshots from social media platforms, proving that the individual was involved in the said activity.

STEP 2: Ways To Submit Your Concerns To QNET

QNET Ltd Network Integrity Department

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133 Hoi Bun Road
Kwun Tong
Kowloon East
Hong Kong


Toll-Free Numbers*

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800 933 691


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India Hotline*

+91 99000 60062/64/68

QNET Global Support Centre Operating Hours

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Monday – Friday (Including 00:00 – 6:00 Saturdays)

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