A QNET First!

Before, there was only one rank that pays every IR USD 250 sales commissions per step. Everyone received the same amount for each step until QNET saw the need to further reward and recognize people who worked extra harder, people who achieved greater milestones in terms of product sales alongside with the growth of their sales teams. They deserve to shine even more!


The Achievers’ Club was launched in 2012 showcasing 5 proud ranks: Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Platinum Star and Diamond Star because QNET believes that there is a star in each and everyone of us waiting to shine.

We now have a lot of stars amongst us but there’s always room for more stars—in July 2017, two new ranks were born; the Sapphire Star and the Blue Diamond Star.

Who knew that the new highest rank will be achieved this fast?


The Million-Dollar Belief That Changed Many Lives

He said success is not the destination, it is only a milestone before the next one. To achieve success, you need to have the millionaire mindset.

She said, when you meet people and talk to them about being part of a million-dollar project, you need to look like a million dollars yourself.


What is the Millionaire Mindset?

AVP Sachin describes it as not only believing in the importance of having money in your bank account but having the freedom to spend money with no fear of not having enough in the future. This belief comes from the confidence that what you have worked for will keep growing. It is believing that you can enjoy life without having to look at price tags… be it for lifestyle or charitable purposes.

Put them together and what will you get? A power couple. Amazing inspirations. Leaders who lead by example. Shining Achievers’ Club Stars. What more can we say?


They are QNET’s first-ever Blue Diamond Stars— Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta and Associate V Partner Kavita Sugandh!

Humble roots.

He grew up in a middle-class family in a small town in Madhya Pradesh. He got himself an MBA and built his career in several business industries like banking, insurance and FMCG.

She worked for some big names in India, got tired of working for someone else and eventually started an HR firm where she was the jack-of-all-trades not because she loves her business a tad too much, but because she didn’t have the money to hire people.


And then there was VCON 2009

He attended his second VCON with his mom and learnt that the heart is more important than the head in this journey. QNET gave him the confidence to leave his job and pursue Direct Selling full-time.

She ventured into the Direct Selling business reluctantly, but during VCON 2009, realised how QNET can create impact. She went back home, closed her business down and gave QNET her all.


On Success As A Team

He said “If husband and wife are aligned, it forms the best team. I remain thankful that Kavita never stopped me from pursuing my dreams. We dreamed and achieved heights together.

She said “I owe all my success to him. He is the reason I am here today. He introduced me to QNET and has been with me through all the ups and downs. In QNET, he is my upline, not my husband. One mistake I see many couples make is confusing this relationship, preventing them from making it big.”

Our power couple believes that in QNET, you need to have a goal with readiness in your heart because you can achieve every goal in QNET if you are ready to work hard. Anything is possible.

We have seen their Blue Diamond Star journey. It was never easy but through it all, they have always been an epitome of burning passion for success whilst ensuring that the ones they empower grow with them the right way. Achieving success after success with the In Service spirit is truly their common obsession.

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