Before joining QNET, Diamond Star and V Council Member Shipra Neeraj, and Platinum Star and V Council Member Neeraj Raghunand were just like any other average middle class couple. Married for a little over eight years at the time, Shipra and Neeraj raised their family in what they describe as a hectic routine – leaving the house at 08:00, dropping their son off at school, working the full shift at their respective offices, and getting back at home in the evening. They worked six days a week, with one ‘holiday’ reserved for grocery shopping and housekeeping.

According to Shipra and Neeraj, they had been happy just being able to meet their daily requirements, without paying too much attention to the concept of ‘dreams’. Now, six years with QNET, life couldn’t be any more different.

How has QNET changed you?

QNET has brought us financial stability and has also has helped us lead a better life with better value systems. Today, it is not just us, but also our son and parents, who are happy and living every moment. But we know there is more to be done, as this is now the way of life for us!


What pushed both of you to become successful QNET Achievers?

We saw our uplines go on stage after achieving the highest ranks, and that inspired us and made us believe that if they could do it, then so could we. We realised we could reap better benefits through our efforts, and that put us in the right direction to further inspire our network.


What was the biggest challenge you faced in achieving the Platinum and Diamond Star ranks? How did you overcome it?

To be honest, there was no challenge in achieving these ranks; it was all about deciding to do it, and then going all out to make it happen. We did everything, right from showing our plans at the ground level, to talking to teams about RSP and their benefits, and also making sure to be well-organised in monitoring every minute detail to make it happen.

How did working as a couple contribute to your success in becoming Platinum and Diamond Stars?

Our uplines taught us to always focus on our growth individually, and so we did, also knowing that this would bring more money home. As a couple, it helped that we were in the same zone and had the same mindset 24/7. Our conversations at work and at home focussed on turning our inspiration into achievements. We have our individual strengths and weaknesses, but together, we complement each other so strongly – this is the biggest factor that has helped us come this far.


What advice would you give to couples aiming to be a QNET Achievers?

Believe in yourselves and trust each other. Learn how to use each other’s strengths to complement each other and operate as a team. This is how you can build your business to become even stronger.

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