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QNETPRO Talks: V Partner Donna Talks About Ethics And Hardwork

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No matter what kind of business you have, maintaining a certain level of professionalism and practising proper ethics are key factors to achieve success. They are core values that, when accompanied by hard work, will take you to greater heights. V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz talks about the importance of business ethics and how it affects the network marketing industry.

We heavily promote QNETPRO by saying, “Good business ethics start with me.” How would you promote or pledge to this?

First, there’s really no such thing as business ethics. Either you are ethical or not. If I value ethics, then that translates in every area of my life, whether that be in my personal life or my business life, right? If we have it, then it comes down to the way we promote it by example. It’s easy to have values, but those values will be tested when faced with a situation where I’m tempted to compromise in order to make more money faster. Ethics is all about not cutting corners, not rushing things, and really focussing on the results, as opposed to making sure that, at the end of the day, my good name is worth more value to me than any cheque I could ever get.

What is one big mistake that network marketers do, which affects the reputation of the whole industry?

 Aside from misrepresentation, it’s the mindset that your work is done once you’ve gotten a “yes” from a potential business partner. The truth is, the work is just beginning. Instead, people mistake simple for easy. Network marketing is simple in the sense that anyone can do it, but it’s not easy; and because it’s not easy, not everyone succeeds in it. I think network marketing is the hardest business one could ever do, because of factors which include constant learning and maintaining relationships.

It is very disheartening to have unsupportive people around you, especially close family members or friends, when you decide to venture into something like network marketing. Do you have any tips on how to handle this situation?

 Rejection is everywhere, so it’s not a question of being rejected but what to do after. Honestly, when I was starting out in the business, rejection was my biggest fear. I didn’t talk to people about it, but that led to me having no sales and income. Now, when I get a “no”, I take it as a learning experience to become a better businesswoman. Ultimately, you don’t need everyone to say “yes” to you just need a few connections who will help you.

What was your first rejection like?

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 When I first started out, I had ten people on the list and everyone said “no” to me! I could have easily been the 11th, meaning I could have easily said “no” already, and rejected the business myself. However, I had a very important, very basic and desperate need. That was what pushed me to really go further, despite people looking down on me and rejecting me. You have to believe in your product so they, too, will believe.

Network marketing is a lot of hard work, but it is also fun. Can you tells us about what sort of fun one can expect from this business?

I think it’s fun to grow, although it can be painful. Looking back after 20 years in the business, I realised it wasn’t fun then. But if I stayed shy, I would have deprived my loved ones and myself of experiences, learnings and opportunities that we now enjoy. Growth, to me, is the best benefit of network marketing.

What do you love most about network marketing?

What I love about network marketing is, unlike normal businesses, I can exponentially increase my results, because I’m no longer doing business by myself. Here, I get to help other people become successful, too. Our business is founded on professional relationships and I value these so much.

Your success is based on the strength of your relationships, and if I have strong relationships with my team, we can keep the business strong despite the trials as long as we work together in harmony. Also, you have to be transparent; the more authentic you are, the higher the chances for your business to thrive.




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