What’s the best way to spend your Sunday?

QNET’s Hong Kong office staff decided the right thing to do was forego comforts and join the 30 Hour Famine Camp organised by World Vision on April 8, in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

By joining Famine 30, which is intended to end hunger for refugees, QNET Hong Kong supported World Vision to raise funds and provide food, health, nutrition, and livelihood assistance to children and families affected by conflict in Syria, South Sudan, and Myanmar.

Braving a blazing sun, more than 40 of the QNET Hong Kong team, participated for an entire day in simulating various challenging aspects of the everyday lives of refugees from the conflict-ridden lands of Syria, South Sudan, and Myanmar.

The team fasted for the full day (9 am to 5 pm), and the experience helped them appreciate just how difficult life as a refugee can be. The total involvement meant the Hong Kong staff fulfilled their Staff Social Resposibility (SSR) mission in a way that brings meaning to our everyday lives and comforts.

QNET’s team first began by helping in the preparation and distribution of materials prior to the day’s activities. Then QNET Hong Kong took active part in facilitating the activities. And, finally, the team remained on hand to dismantle and pack the materials after the education and simulation activities were completed.

“Participating in the Famine 30 organised by World Vision as a volunteer has provided me with a new perspective in the needs of refugees and the hungry. We only experienced a tiny fraction of what they have to experience every day.” said QNET Senior Knowledge Management Executive Lawrence Poon.

As per World Vision figures, “the total number of refugees in the world has reached 22.5 Million with children under 18 representing over half of the figure”, and refugee children from Syria, South Sudan, and Rakhine State in Myanmar in particular suffer from the scourge of hunger.

QNET Hong Kong sustains itself with the foundational idea of RYTHM, Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, and In-Service, of service before self, and stands in solidarity with those seeking to find a meaningful solution to tackle the problem of hunger, especially amongst refugee children having had to flee war-torn lands.

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