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QNET PRO Talks: V Partner Arun George On the Biggest Common Mistake In Network Marketing

QNET Pro V Partner Arun George
QNET Pro - V Partner Arun George's Network Marketing Tip.

V Partner Arun George had a blossoming career in the corporate world at an early age, but in 2000, he decided to go full-time with network marketing – and he hasn’t looked back since.

Now, he is an esteemed V Partner and global mentor in the V Family. He talks about the biggest common mistake in network marketing that negatively affects the reputation of the industry.

What is the biggest common mistake in network marketing that affects the reputation of the industry?

The biggest mistake, in my opinion, is having the wrong expectation. I don’t know if there is a better word for that, so let me explain it. People sometimes get into our business with all kinds of wrong expectations, and when they have these wrong expectations, they approach the business the wrong way. They don’t put in the effort that is required, and when they don’t put in the right kind of effort, they obviously don’t get the right results. And soon they give up.  People who enter with the wrong expectations end up quitting almost within a few days; that is the biggest problem in our business.


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When you look at network marketing, one major complaint up there is that there are only a few people who become successful in it. Whether that may be true, the nature of the business makes success dependent on what we do and don’t do. When people enter the business, they think it is some kind of get-rich-quick scheme, or that their upline is going to work for them, or that they just need to bring in a few people to make them rich overnight. All these are wrong expectations, and shows that they really don’t understand what they’re getting into.

For us to become successful in anything, we need to really understand what we’re getting into. If you’re getting a law degree and you don’t know what it takes to get that, chances are within a few months, you’re going to quit. The people who complain about college are the same. Likewise, we need to understand that what we’re getting into is a business. While there are different people here to help us with training and various other tools, it is a business, and it takes business-like focus, business-like dedication, business-like effort to become successful.

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  1. I wanna ask a question; is it possible to fail in the business after activation? Or does it only happen after sign up when one does not put much effort?

  2. Tks for sharing the true things in business. No pains no gains. Right efforts and results have no better choice than coming to us

  3. It’s very true people just don’t put the right effort and expect moon from the business. Quite often the expectation is set before the sign up. Later the disciplined effort is not followed. Which leads to failure.

  4. Absolutely. One can’t get rich overnight in any form of business and that is a very wrong expectation to come with into the business. One must set some small weekly goals to attain that super goal of financial freedom. Take one step at a time, put required time and efforts and super goal will be ours.

  5. Most of uplines example in Bangalore, uplines explaining QNET compensation plan max out criteria in wrong way. Their intention is to immediately closing prospect on table. Uplines are not clear about the basics

  6. I agree with all of that, but what if you are very serious about the business and welling to put the maximum effort you could, but you are in a point that you do not know what to do next. I think there should more training tools for new partners like me just to get in the right track and you can leave me alone. I can depend on my self then but don’t sign me up and leave me alone and say go work and do the muricles . It does not work this way. Thank you

  7. Yes it’s true

    Without these nothing comes your way easily,

    Hardworking and dedication.
    Working and Successful upline guidance.
    Belief and Confidence about yourself.
    Training’s And motivations.

    Thanks for Sharing

  8. Yes , it’s true

    Without these nothing comes your way easily,

    👉 Hardworking and dedication.

    👉 Working and Successful upline guidance.

    👉 Belief and Confidence about yourself.

    👉 Training’s And motivations.

    Thanks for Sharing 🙏

  9. So true
    Basically they really didn’t get the meaning of delayed gratification for the success we aspire for.
    And ultimately blame the business for not working in the way we expected but the fact of the matter is we didn’t work the way business expected us to.

  10. I would say that it is predominately through mis-selling where a person is somehow manipulated to get into the business in the first place. Lack of upfront transparency and too much focus on making Friday cheques gets networkers to do any kind of manipulation with new onboards.

    The other aspect is that most of the uplines get into a managerial behaviour. They call themselves active & working uplines but they end up spending most of their time harassing & forcing their downlines to commit suicidal actions to fulfil their own personal dreams.

    I agree that this is an unconventional business however feel that QNET should make efforts to inculcate a culture of value system too. Chief Pathman’s Wednesday messages are too agressive for an untrained mind to understand.

  11. True VP, people sign up and after just two rejections they give up pretending that they can not make it, that it will take time to achieve success. And instead of focusing their efforts and as you said put in the right effort, they take two weeks off the business then return for one more week and so on. Today it is our responsibility while signing up someone to let them know the effort worth to build a lasting business. Thanks for the point

  12. Exactly Wrong expectations will never take you to success…also you need to do this business with pure intention… it takes lot of Hardwork…and effort… Never give up…I sure you will become somebody..in this journey..and that is true Asset…. Thank you Soo much V Partner Arun George…for showing the Right path in this journey…Hope every one understand True potential of this business and what will this business gives to you is priceless……

  13. Exactly.., success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, technical thinks, and love of what you are doing…..


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