Here’s some serious advice from our V Partners about how to handle rejections. Nothing is quite as disheartening as having unsupportive people in your life, especially when you believe in something and are taking on new opportunities.  In our industry, many networkers deal with unsupportive people – most of whom are their own family and friends. Fortunately, this is an uphill battle that can be won with the right mindset and attitude. To help you in your Direct Selling journey, our esteemed V Partners offer their own advice on how to deal with rejections.

Qnet rejections VP David Sharma

V Partner David Sharma

I always remind people that every successful person has experienced rejection at one point in their lives, and that they’ve failed somehow, somewhere along their journey.

When it comes to our business, people are still finding it difficult to understand how they could be successful with no major investment. The whole concept must be based on belief; and all these things come back to the point that one should be honest and sincere.

qnet rejections vp tg kintanar

V Partner TG Kintanar

When I started network marketing 18 years ago, I knew two good businessmen and was confident that they would sign up, but to my disappointment, both immediately turned me down. This shows that we should expect rejection from everyone, even from the very people who are closest to us, because many of them don’t see it in the same light that we do. Our relatives may reject it and not agree with us, but we should not take it personally. Instead, move on and find somebody else who will see the opportunity.

 qnet rejections vp donna imson lecaroz

V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz

Being turned down was my biggest fear when I started, and because of that, I didn’t talk to people – which led to having no income. I then learned to overcome it by seeing it as a learning experience.  Whenever somebody would reject the product, negative thoughts would cloud my mind, but it pushed me to be better. Ultimately, you’ll realise you just need a few people that you will take care of, who in return, will talk to other people for you lessening the burden on you.

qnet rejections vp dev johl V Partner Dev Johl

Don’t get disappointed or disheartened when you’re rejected by those who are closest to us. I got a “no” from my relatives instantly. Some waited to see if I would become successful, and they followed suit after. They may be rejecting you because they know you, and the best way to overcome that is to understand who you are. Without finding yourself, you wouldn’t know why you are being rejected. Second, take the rejection positively, make it your fuel to prove them wrong. Let the rejections guide you to the next steps mowing forward. Every rejection is not a loss; it’s an opportunity to learn.

qnet rejections vp adly hassan V Partner Adly Hassan

Anyone can face rejection anytime, anywhere, and from anyone – even from your family members. When I get rejected, I take them as part of the progress. Today, there will be rejection; tomorrow they will still laugh at you. But they’ll accept you eventually as you you’re your commitment in what you do. Always remember why you are here. Your reasons are more important, and sometimes your reasons include some of these people: The reason I’m doing this is for my mom. Maybe my mom, today, is against this, but tomorrow, she will appreciate it. If she’s part of my reason, that’s why I must continue doing this no matter what her stand is today. Tomorrow she will change.

qnet rejections vp arun george V Partner Arun George

 We get rejected every day and in everything. It’s just that some of those rejections affect us more than the others. Why? Because our beliefs are questioned. And when people reject and make fun of the business, we feel bad because it shows that our belief is not strong yet; and we get stronger over time. We need to understand that rejection is based on other people’s opinions. And opinions can change over time. Don’t get upset and do a follow-up after a few months.

qnet rejections vp ranjit singh V Partner Ranjit Singh

When you don’t give up, you will make it. This industry is about 60 years old, and has remarkable prospects; it has got a bright future. Why? Because of the partnership between the internet and future distribution channels. Working in a network is like setting up the base of working in a team. When you have many individuals, many minds, it’s a bit challenging since you must manage a group of people and keep them on track towards the same vision. When this happens, the sky is the limit.  

qnet rejections vp ferdie V Partner Ferdie Tolentino

Facing rejections is normal in any business, and if I hadn’t experienced it, I wouldn’t be the kind of leader that I am today. It’s important for people not to take rejections personally. It’s just like if you go into a restaurant, the waitress or the waiters will offer you coffee or tea. They don’t care if you don’t want coffee or if you don’t want tea. It’s just part of the job. It’s the same thing in QNET; some may like it, some will not. I got turned down many times, but my upline encouraged me, saying it was part of the learning process and success in the future.

V Partner Kavita Sugandh

The problem is when people take rejections personally. People reject opportunities and not us. If they don’t see themselves doing what I am doing so be it. All the people who rejected me are still my friends. They just have different choices in life. Rejections are the stepping stone. Whenever there was a rejection, the fire within me kept increasing to prove it to myself that it works and I worked doubly hard as I believe the biggest success stories are the most rejected ones.

V Partner Sachin Gupta

Don’t view rejection as a rejection. View it as a checking process. While you’re prospecting, you get to check whether the person fits into the business or whether the business fits into that person’s life. If the answer is no, that doesn’t always mean that they are rejecting it forever. It’s possible that in the future, the circumstances will change and the opportunity will be right for them then.

*Edited on 13.08.2020


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