QNET, along with its Independent Representatives and staff, brought joy to underprivileged communities in 13 African countries in concurrence with the holy month of Ramadan.

Living up to the principle and philosophy of RYTHM or Raising Yourself to Help Mankind, QNET organises this annual campaign to help enhance the lives of many less fortunate families, by providing them with the proper necessities such as food. QNET consistently embodies RYTHM by showing compassion towards others, making an effort to get involved, and by continuously going above and beyond.

Here are the highlights of QNET’s Ramadan activities for this year:


qnet senegal charity

QNET donated 3,000 kg of rice, 60 kg of milk powder, 500 litres of refined oil, 100 kg of sugar, 100 kg of wheat flour, 100 kg of pasta, 100 kg of meat, and 500 000 CFA of good fuel to Talibou Dabo Center Grand Yoff in Senegal.


QNET, through the RYTHM Foundation, has donated gifts and food to the families of underprivileged communities in Cameroon so that they could enjoy a bountiful feast this Ramadan. Watch the video here:


A charity iftar dinner function was held in Kampala. The event was supported by the network; where Associate V Partner Balajee Kumar highlighted the philosophy of RYTHM Foundation while V Council Member Hajara Kasule spoke about QNET as a platform that has accommodated people from all walks of life and has changed the lives of many Independent Representatives (IRs) in Uganda over the past decade.


QNET and the network team in Tanzania brought joy to underprivileged children at Maunga Children’s Centre in Dar es Salaam by giving them rice, pasta, sugar, and other groceries in time for Ramadan. QNET also visited Boko Orphanage and brought them a fun-filled day with games, gifts, and entertainment.

Check out video:


QNET donated food items such as sacks of rice, cans of oil, bags of sugar and milk to the widows of military personnel in Mali. Present to accept the donations on behalf of the Social Service of the Armed Forces was Lt Col Mohamed Fofana, Deputy Director of the National Directorate of Social Service.


Children at SOS Village in Niger also benefitted from QNET’s Ramadan charity campaign. Led by QNET agents in Niger and supported by the local network team, the donation event was carried out with much fun and joy for more than 100 children. 

Burkina Faso

QNET donated food to children at Denkanu Orphage in Bobo City, Burkina Faso. The centre is located about 30 kilometres from Ouagadougou and houses orphans from babies to children about 10 years old. 10 packs of 12 boxes of milk for infants; 26 packs of 5 kgs of pasta; 26 packs of 25kgs of rice; 8 packs of 50kgs of sugar and 13 cans of 20liters of vegetable oil were donated to the children.


QNET donated to the National Association of Muslims in Togo. Present at the event was Biram Fall, QNET Regional General Manager QNET Africa, and Rajesh Rao, QNET Senior PR Manager.

Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, QNET team visited the public hospital of Bouake and welcomed by Imam Soumahoro Amadou, imam of the public hospital of Bouake, Konate Sekou, who is also the representative of the director of the public hospital of Bouake. The team then distributed goodie bags filled with groceries to the Muslim community in the hospital.


Organised by QNET agent in Guinea and the local network, donations such as rice, sugar, oil, and other provisions went to the needy families in Conakry.


QNET donated rice, cooking oil, drinking water, and toiletries to the needy and a cash sum of GHC 3,000 to support the Office of the Chief Imam’s orphanage and educational trust fund projects.


The Ramadan donation in Chad went to underprivileged people in Goudji Ndjamena. They received groceries and food from QNET.

Commenting on the event this year, Trevor Kuna, QNET CEO, said, “The Ramadan charity campaign has been one of our key campaigns every year. It is indeed a very meaningful, heart-warming and fulfilling initiative for QNET. Such campaigns promote empowerment of the community and are also very inspiring for our staff and our IRs, as they become personally involved in enriching the lives of others.”

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