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Overcoming Hardships and Reaching QNET Success

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Associate V Partner and Platinum Star Kone Doupin prides himself for overcoming hardships and moving forward until he achieves success. He joined his mentor from Cote d’Ivoire, Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral, in becoming one of QNET’s esteemed Platinum Stars at V-Malaysia 2017. Here, he talks about his journey to QNET success.

How has QNET changed your life?

Unemployed for 2 years, and living in a a two-room house with my wife in a neighbourhood in Abidjan, I often had to walk to where I had to go because I did not always have enough money for a ride. And then I was introduced to QNET.

Since that day, everything has been so different. QNET has not only restored my dignity and pride, but also helped me fulfil my mission to take care of my family in every aspect. My family and I no longer have to squeeze into a small apartment , or travel on foot, but the greatest benefit I received from QNET was that I made my mother very proud of me, and I have been able to take good care of her before she passed away.

Please tell us about your journey towards becoming a Platinum Star.

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It was a challenging journey, the requirements are not as easy as they look. I really had to put in immense amounts of hard work day and night, and I couldn’t do things all by myself. I had to make sure that my team rose in their ranks as well but I knew that aiming for the Platinum Star rank would really enable me to improve my business and my standard of living. It was amazing being recognised on the V-Convention stage. I think every network marketer should aim to experience that moment, because it is simply beautiful.

What advice do you have for those who want to become a Platinum Star?

If you wish to achieve QNET success and become a Platinum Star, you must focus on maintaining good performance and gradually increase this. Build a team of QNET product consumers because only then can you truly be ambassadors of what you are selling. Aid them in improving their rank each month because if they do not rise, you do not either. Encourage them to impart the knowledge they gain from you when they share the same opportunity with others.




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