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Ainash Zhumadilova: Accountant-Turned-Successful-QNET-Entrepreneur

Image of QNET leader from Kazakhstan Ainash Zhumadilova

One of the strongest representatives of QNET in Kazakhstan today, Ainash Zhumadilova, is a champion to a strong team of entrepreneurs, constantly pushing herself and those around her to never give up on their dreams. The 36-year-old proud mother of one daughter, and accountant turned full-time networker, overcame her failures and rejections by believing in herself and setting her own goals, which enabled her to move forward and achieve the success she has today.

What pushed you to become one of the driving forces of QNET in Kazakhstan?

Seven years ago, when I first joined QNET, just like most networkers, I started the business by asking people close to me to join me, who at that point were my two sisters. The first three years were hard. It was difficult for me to earn enough to keep things going. But, despite all my hardships and the rejections that came along, I did not want to give up because couldn’t think of betraying myself, giving up on my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and especially letting my sisters down. I never focussed on what I couldn’t do; I knew that I would be able to achieve success if I believed in it enough, and worked as hard as I can. So I continued to do what I did not just for myself but for others around me as well. For me, it was all about presentación, presentación, presentación. That’s when I realised, if you set your own goals, it’s easier to achieve success going step by step instead of taking any shortcuts. I believe that this is the reason I now have what I have.

There are some usual hardships that every network marketer faces, what were yours when you first started out?

Rejection was really hard. However, over time, I realised that it gave me strength. The more failures I faced, the more I learned, and every time I came one step closer to becoming a professional networker.

Another difficulty I faced often was in earning people’s trust; which was very hard on me at times. This is not so uncommon, I figured out, especially because network marketing in our region is still considered new, and people are not familiar with it. The only way to get around it is to educate more and more people about what an amazing industry this is.


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Was it an advantage building a team being a woman?

I don’t believe that there are differences between people in this business; women are treated exactly the same as their male counterparts. So it’s neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. This is why I love network marketing; since I am all for gender equality, I firmly believe that this is an industry that does not differentiate between women and men because it’s a business that everyone can do, and is solely based on your performance and efforts.

Why do you think other women should join QNET?

It’s like being born for a second time! It made me take look at the life I had, and it gave me an opportunity for a fresh start where I could make changes I wanted to make towards a better future, for both myself and my family.

What is your advice to all the women starting out as entrepreneurs?

No matter who you are, or where you are at in your life, you can improve yourself by simply believing in yourself, defining your goals, and working towards it. Don’t let yourself get distracted by listening to all the negativity around you; look straight ahead and focus on the goals you have set. Stay fully committed, work really hard, and you will find success and financial freedom!




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