Friday, February 3, 2023

QNET PRO Talks: How Greed and Overpromising Can Harm Your QNET Business


How would you define network marketing? What is network marketing to you?

Network marketing, in simple thought, would be a fisherman making his net, a knot at a time, until he eventually builds up a big net. You work with somebody, one person at a time, one knot at a time. You instill all the values, qualities, training, education, knowledge, and understanding. Once you have gone through months practising how to build an individual, eventually you end up building a network.

Network marketing also involves ethical business practices. How would you promote or pledge to this?

When you talk about anything you do, ethics is not just something that is a sideline understanding; it is the core. Your representation, doing it right and having good values help you build your brand. In terms of representation, do it professionally – it is a professional industry. If your groundwork is good, and you have good values and ethics associated with what you do, then you can build a big tower on the grounds that you have set up.

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What is the biggest mistake that you have repeatedly seen affect the reputation of the industry?

The one problem that we face is when an individual overpromises things to oncoming prospects. Overpromising and then being unable to deliver borders on fraud; this crosses the line.

Can you share with us how important having the right intentions are to you?

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Sometimes greed surpasses an individual. When greed sets in for people who want to grow rich quickly, they sometimes manipulate the systems, the setup, hoping they can earn cash very quickly, but that’s very bad. In the end, it ends up damaging themselves, as well as others and the company.

I like to see people building ethically. To see the business being set up for the long-term rather than for short-term gain – to see that you can be in a position where you can relay what you have built to the future generation. However, you must first have a sustainable, long-term vision. A short-run business doesn’t help anybody. We don’t encourage that.

How important do you think training is as a tool for this business?

Like any other industry, when you venture into some work, you will need training. A policeman would have gone through training. A nurse would have also gone through training. Otherwise, they would not be able to handle the unexpected. Similar to that, you would need training to handle machinery; otherwise, your arm can get ripped apart. In this industry, training is very encouraged. Why? In our case, you would need to be able to represent yourself professionally and ethically. Your values need to be high. You know that you’re not in for a quick cash run. You know that you need to spend time, not only teaching, but enriching people’s lives, not just with money, but also charity work or some community service. Being in service to someone else can help improve their life. That’s why training is so important. In fact, training is the essence of great success.



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