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5 Reasons Why Travelling With Friends Is Absolute Fun

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We do a lot of fun things with our friends on a regular basis – chat with them for hours, go out for brunch and celebrate important events. So it only makes sense that embarking on a vacation trip with them would be LIT! Here are some of the best reasons why you NEED to go travelling with friends.

1. Planning gets easier.

You get to divide the work among yourselves – one friend can take care of bookings, another can check out the best places to eat, and so on.

2. You get to know each other even better.

Since when you’re travelling with friends you’ll be spending days with just one another, staying in the same accommodations and doing the same activities, you get to unearth new discoveries about each other as well.

3. You can try out things you wouldn’t normally do.

Maybe you’re the friend who enjoys museums, and your friend is the type to hit the streets for an adventure. Go do both, and who knows? You might even end up with a new favourite activity.


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4. There’s always someone to take photos of you.

Selfies are cute but nothing says “Instagrammable’ like a wide shot of your full body in front of a massively spectacular background. If you and your friends want a group shot together, though, there’s always a friendly stranger nearby.

5. It’s so much more affordable.

Having friends with you means that you can split lodging and possibly cut down on transportation, too. Certain tour packages also give more discounts and bonuses to those who book as a group.

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