Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Can You Make Money Through Recruiting At QNET?

Is QNET about recruitment? Is it true that I just have to recruit one on my left and one on my right to earn in QNET? Is my earning based on how many people I recruit? Is recruiting the way to succeed in QNET? You will find out the answer to these questions in below video.

In this video, QNET CEO Trevor Kuna explains the right way to make money with QNET through products and services rather than through recruiting.

YouTube video

The truth is, you cannot be successful and make it in QNET by recruiting people without sales of products or services. Pyramid schemes depend on recruitment, legitimate direct selling companies don’t focus on recruitment. Success by recruitment isn’t sustainable. A company that solely depends on recruitment will not last long.

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At QNET, we aim to provide business opportunity with a sustainable sales model. Our business model does not allow our Independent Representatives to earn from recruitment alone. Success in QNET depends on sales of products and services. It’s the right way to sustainable success. We have been in business for more than 20 years and we are here to stay.

FAQ About QNet and How This Direct Selling Business Works

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